Life in Vietnam: Meet Cha & Do

Cha and Do live in the Yên Bái province of Vietnam. Two very different mothers from the minority Hmong population, they give us a peek into their lives and homes. Designed for interactive learning sessions, these two films offer clues into the small and big things that persuade them and parents like them to vaccinate their children.

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Communication & Transmission

Ben talks with The Stitch about the critical importance of communication and the complexity of working in the Tshuapa Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, considered the global epicentre of Monkeypox transmission.


A Tajik Video Diary

Common Thread left five cameras with five adolescents living in areas with high rates of stunting across Tajikistan.


How to End a Pandemic

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HCD without Humans?

Here is how we designed a virtual human centred design workshop and the four things we learned.