Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

MICHAEL COLEMAN is our Director and lead storyteller. Finding and creating space for community voices gets Mike going. He’s always been connecting people and information, from his senior communications posts with UN agencies in Angola, Pakistan, and Viet Nam, to social development, documentary production and journalism in Honduras, Sri Lanka, Canada and Poland. Years spent working to eradicate polio – and being part of the team that managed the attacks on health workers in Pakistan – taught him to waste no time getting to the root of a problem.

Michael is part of a USAID and Gates initiated Community of Practice called Design for Health. Michael has facilitated Design for Health sessions, and has studied Service Design with Marc Stickdorn, a global leader in the field, Michael has a MA in Political Communications from Goldsmiths at the University of London. He has been a guest lecturer at NYU’s School of Global Public Health and a lead trainer for the US Center for Disease Control’s STOP Polio Programme. He is based in Ireland and speaks intermediate French and Spanish.

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