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CT Turns 4

We celebrated our birthday a little differently this year. 

In this new and ever-digital normal, we’re taking every opportunity we can to get offline. But if we can’t totally unplug, we do our best to create digital experiences that spark joy.

Thus, our birthday Miro board was born.

Have a click around to see highlights from the past year and happenings from the day of. We appreciate all of the kind words and for taking the time to celebrate with us–whether you joined in from a screen or from the streets.

Here’s to 4 and many more!

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Mockup of a green and yellow banner hanging above the vaccination pop-up in Kumasi City Market that reads "COVID-19 Vaccination" in big text with opening hours and "Please have your ID with you. Vaccines are available to everyone over 18" in smaller text.

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We worked with UNICEF Ghana to explore how wayfinding can help the vaccine opportunistic.


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For World Refugee Day 2022, we worked with NaTakallam to bring you a story about a refugee who holds on to the keys of his past homes.