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A Journey to Vaccination: Balochistan

Why do two districts in rural Balochistan have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the world? In collaboration with IFRC and with support from the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Common Thread travelled to Killa Abdullah, a district in rural Balochistan, and asked families and health workers about their lives, their hopes and fears, and their experiences with vaccination services. This footage was a complement to conversations we had with over 80 people in Duki and Killa Abdullah to help IFRC better understand how to improve demand for immunization.

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Mockup of a green and yellow banner hanging above the vaccination pop-up in Kumasi City Market that reads "COVID-19 Vaccination" in big text with opening hours and "Please have your ID with you. Vaccines are available to everyone over 18" in smaller text.

Give me a Sign

We worked with UNICEF Ghana to explore how wayfinding can help the vaccine opportunistic.

Design Lab Podcast with Bon Ku Episode 110 with Sherine Guirguis and Michael Coleman

Designing for Behaviour Change

We were invited to join Dr. Bon Ku on the Design Lab Podcast to share a bit about who we are, what we do, and why behavioural design holds the key to better health for all.