In the complex world
of public health
we see the people.

Hello. We are Common Thread.

A globe-spanning team of behavioural scientists, public health experts, communicators, and designers.

We bring a people-first approach to solving the world’s toughest public health problems.

We harness human behaviour for good.

However illogical it seems, human behaviour is never a fault or a flaw. It’s a feature. The key is to understand it.

Through data, stories and design, we facilitate healthy decision making in communities across the world.


We don’t like guess work.

Before we are designers we are insightful listeners, respectful observers, and diligent researchers. We draw on the best of human-centred design, anthropology, and behavioural science to get a clear picture of the problem at hand. 


We strategize to catalyze.

 We develop systems that foster sustainable, healthy decision-making. Whether it be a strategy, a workshop or a product, we craft specific and elegant solutions that effectively influence behaviour.


We enrich numbers with narratives. 

We bring stories from the sidelines to centre stage. We produce film, audio, and written stories to promote change, elevate voices, and bring the communities we serve into boardrooms of decision makers. It’s not content, it’s context.

Our Field Notes

This is our playroom. It's where we share what we're up to. What we're thinking about. What we're building.

Design Lab Podcast with Bon Ku Episode 110 with Sherine Guirguis and Michael Coleman

Designing for Behaviour Change

We were invited to join Dr. Bon Ku on the Design Lab Podcast to share a bit about who we are, what we do, and why behavioural design holds the key to better health for all.